Willi Kissmer

Willi Kissmer (1951 - 2018) has won world attention and following for his beautiful and sensuous etchings of women. He is the master of the nude in these collectible labor intensive etchings combining the aquatint and mezzotint techniques.

Willi Kissmer was born in 1951 in Duisburg, Germany where he spent most of his time as well as the South of France. Kissmer is known for technically exquisite etchings, oil and acrylic paintings that mostly depict nudes or half nudes, which are oftentimes draped in swaths of lush fabric. The details are accentuated in ultra-realistic texture using a combination of mezzotint, dry point and aquatint, which highlight the juxtaposition between flesh and cloth.

Collect his gorgeous etchings now - limited editions - signed & numbered.


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