Wilfredo Lam

Wifredo Lam Cuban Artist: b.1902-1982. Wilfredo Lam was born in Sagua la Grande, N Cuba. He studied in Havana and in Madrid, where he held his first one-man show in 1928. He fused Latin-American, African, and Oceanic elements with the European modern movement, as in The Jungle (1943). His numerous exhibitions included one in New York, and he won the Guggenheim International Award in 1964.

The internationally renowned Cuban painter Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) is the initiator of a mixed painting combining Western modernism and African or Caribbean symbols. He has rubbed shoulders with all the avant-garde movements of his time - Cubism, Surrealism, CoBrA - which incites freedom, favors access to the unconscious or explores the marvelous, through graphic automatism ... But Lam confronts also the problems of the world; he continues in his work the same fight as his friend Aimé Césaire: "to paint the drama of his country, the cause and the spirit of the Blacks ". He thus invented a unique, unique and original language to " defend the dignity of life " and " salute freedom ".

The Ultimo Viaje del Buque Fantasma suite, was done by Poligrafa, in Barcelona in 1976. It is rare, sought after, and difficult to find. These images were inspired by the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

All prints are in mint condition and are sublime, containing a lot of the iconography that makes this Latin Master's work so compelling.

 Wifredo Lam “El Ultimo Viaje del Buque Fantasma”



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