J. Torrents Llado

Joaquín Torrents Llado (1946-1993) – Spanish painter

The method of Torrents Llado, where he seems to see the world through a looking glass, is a skilled technique of a maestro which incorporates three aspects  of Velasquez- light & shadow, chiaroscuro and impressionism - as well as the atmospheric perspective of Leonardo.  In this way he has created a world of landscape painting which is both historic and yet alive with romance and color.  Llado manages to portray landscapes, which do exist, in the mysterious zone beyond the visual or mental landscape.

These modern impressionistic serigraphs combine old and new methodologies as well as a transparent sensitivity.
Joaquin Torrents Llado - a man who looks more like a biblical prophet - with these works of art became a modern master.  Venice, the city which he loved, silently bade farewell to him on October 6th, 1993.


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