Dalla Costa

Amleto Dalla Costa was born in 1929 in Milan.  He has been painting for as long as he can remember.  He has a highly personal style, a sophisticated use of color and his chief theme is woman.

Insight into Dalla Costa's painting can be gained only by going beyond the immediate emotional response.  The true subject of Dalla Costa's artwork is not just Woman but rather the ambience surrounding and enveloping her, in the midst of which she somes into being, and the garments that enfold and confine her.

Look closely, look deeply:  there are no signs of surrender to whim, of spontaneity, of improvisation.  These settings and arches, these walls, faces and costuimes are all sustained by the most painstaking of artistry.

The women's faces, whether wide-eyed with amazement or casting amorous glances, whether voluptuous or musing, assume the countenance of the eternal being, ever-changing, which makes us mindful of time and our transience here on earth.  The costumes are in many instances inspired by time long past.  The headgear that crowns or envelopes these exquisite creatures explores the mystery of life itself.

Woman, as life's harbinger, is not a demon (Eve) but an enamoured deity (Venus).

Extraordinary collection of sensually moving sophisticated female figures


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